Judge Jeanine: States Are Calling 'Hogwash' on Obama's Trans Bathroom Policy

The state of Virginia is weighing granting a first-of-its-kind tax exemption to the widows of police officers, firefighters and search and rescue personnel.

Republican Delegate Tim Hugo said he heard too many stories of widows struggling to make ends meet after their spouse was killed in the line of duty.

So he proposed an amendment to the state's Constitution which would relieve them of their property tax burden.

"We don't ask anybody else to run into a burning building, or strap on a gun and body armor and run into a dark alley. We owe it to these families of these fallen victims," Hugo told Fox News reporter Douglas Kennedy.

The measure is providing solace to widows like Marlys Bernal, whose police officer husband was killed in the line of duty. She said that for the first time in over a decade she finally feels taken care of once again.

The amendment goes on the general election ballot this November.

Watch the report from Happening Now above.

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