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A woman stripped naked and threw a fit on a Frontier Airlines plane, forcing the jet to taxi back to the terminal so she could be removed. 

Witnesses in Denver said the woman was acting erratically from the time boarding began, making other passengers feel uneasy. 

In the clip, the woman thrashes around on the ground and bangs on the cockpit door, screaming about dying in a plane crash. 

The plane, which was about to take off to Portland, Ore., went back to the terminal so authorities could remove the woman. 

An aviation safety consultant told FOX Denver that the incident appeared to have been a medical issue of some kind and that the crew should have intervened much quicker.

"They could have done a much better job," said Steve Cowell, an aviation safety consultant. "This was clearly a medical emergency that needed an immediate response."

Cowell said the crew should have called in paramedics before police.

"There is no excuse to see an airplane with a problem like this and not have paramedics on board taking charge of the situation," Cowell said. "In the period of time that this video lasts."

Watch the meltdown, recorded by a passenger, above. The video stops before the woman takes off her clothes. 

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