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Megyn Kelly asked Donald Trump about Hillary Clinton in new footage unveiled from their big sit-down.

"She has 99 percent name recognition, and she has been around a long time," Kelly said. "So what could you possibly tell us about her that we don't know?"

Trump said Clinton "had a very corrupt system going...whether it's Whitewater, or whether it's the emails, or so many other things."

Kelly asked which one of them was more likely to go to war. Trump said that Clinton was, because she would be less respected as a world leader.

"I think that I will be known as a tougher person than her, but I think that people aren’t gonna mess with me. And I think she would be more likely to be forced, perhaps, to go to war. I think our country will be much more respected with me as president than with Hillary Clinton as president."

Watch the clip above.

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