Craigslist Ad: Get Paid $15 an Hour to Protest at a Trump Rally

Do These Trump Protesters Really Know Why They're Protesting?

It was another night of chaos outside a Donald Trump rally on Tuesday.

This time it was in New Mexico, where violent protesters clashed with police officers, throwing rocks and bottles at officers at what was supposed to be a peaceful demonstration. 

Albuquerque officers responded with smoke grenades and pepper spray. Several protesters were removed from the rally and at least one arrest was made.

A glass door at the convention center entrance was smashed before police on horseback pushed the crowds back.

Trump took to Twitter this morning to denounce the protesters as "thugs" and "criminals."

John Roberts reported on Happening Now from Anaheim, where another Trump rally is scheduled for later today. 

Roberts said last night's unrest began when night fell and the rally had already ended. He said the protests had been civil up until that point.

Watch the report above and stay tuned to Fox News for the latest coverage of the upcoming California rally. 

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