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Hillary Clinton has slammed Donald Trump in recent days for his position on gun control, claiming that the U.S. would immediately be a more dangerous place if the presumptive GOP nominee becomes president.

Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke appeared on "Fox and Friends" this morning to explain why he disagrees and believes that the country would be much safer with Trump instead of Clinton.

"Mrs. Bill Clinton is dead wrong when it comes to the causes of gun violence in America," Clarke said. "[She] said the United States of America is a country facing a gun violence epidemic. She is wrong. The American ghetto is facing a gun violence epidemic. But every other area of the country seems to be able to handle gun possession and gun ownership just fine."

Clarke added that Clinton calls for gun control as she's surrounded by secret service agents who are armed, some heavily.

"She doesn't feel that anybody else should have that sort of protection," Clarke said, pointing out that nearly every mass shooting in U.S. history could have been stopped if there was one law-abiding gun owner present.

He said that not only would Clinton make us less safe as president, she already has with her "foolish," "naive" anti-gun rhetoric.

Watch more from "Fox and Friends" above.

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