The cover art on the new issue of Variety magazine has left many people scratching their heads. 

The magazine's feature article is on the struggles of Yahoo! under CEO Marissa Mayer. 

The cover depicts Mayer in a Christ-like pose, falling under the weight of a giant wooden "Y," stating, "The End Is Nigh."

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Variety also wrote that there is "no resurrection in sight" for the tech giant under Mayer's leadership. 

Inside, there was another illustration resembling "The Last Supper."

Yahoo! responded with the following statement, which left some people a bit puzzled.

"Running that cover illustration is Variety's own burden to bear."

Mayer could reportedly leave the company with a $55 million severance package if a sale goes through and she is ousted her from her job.

Analysts have said they expect a deal, ranging from $4 billion to $10 billion, to be approved in the coming months

What do you think of the cover?

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