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Trump Denounces 'Thug' Protesters Waving Mexican Flags Outside Rally

Greg Gutfeld weighed in on last night's chaotic anti-Trump protests in Albuquerque, or what he referred to as a "Loserpalooza."

He said that no protesters at the rally could actually articulate in a complete sentence what they hated about Donald Trump, but their printed signs were oddly articulate.

"That's what we call a clue," he said on The Five. "Someone sponsored this action."

He said that the restraint exercised by police showed the "Ferguson effect" in action.

Negative media scrutiny, he said, has recast what police do as evidence of bigotry. But he says the media should watch out, too, or else they may "incentivize more thuggery, through the use of our roving, thirsty magnifying glass."

"Just remember as you do your job, don't jump on the cops for doing theirs. Especially when it gets ugly, and it will."

Watch the monologue above.

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