Trump: Hillary Got Some Bad News About Her Emails Today

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Newt Gingrich weighed in on Donald Trump's recent surge in the polls which has given him the slight lead over Hillary Clinton in a national polling average.

Gingrich attributed the shift to a combination of two factors. First, Trump has brought more Republicans together, which has given him a boost.

"They've come home in a sense," he said.

The second factor, Gingrich said, is that the more people see of Hillary Clinton and reports about her emails, the more she "decays."

"So part of it is that she's sinking, and he's beginning to rise."

Gingrich said that when Trump released his list of Supreme Court justice picks, it showed conservatives that he is serious and "doing his homework."

But he said that Trump needs more discipline, because "every once in a while he just goes off the deep end."

"He has got to acquire a higher level of discipline or he’s going to end up being like Barry Goldwater."

Watch the interview above.

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