Judge Nap: State Dept Audit's Findings Could Be 'Devastating' for Hillary

State Dept Audit: Hillary Disregarded Cybersecurity Risks

Donald Trump remarked on the latest development in Hillary Clinton's email scandal during a rally in Anaheim, California, today. 

A State Department audit that found Clinton broke federal records rules while secretary of state.

"She had a little bad news today," Trump said. "Some reports came down, weren't so good. Not so good. The inspector general's report, not good."

Trump said wants to run against Clinton, but he doesn't know if he'll be able to, in light of the email investigation.

He said that he might end up running against Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, who he called "Crazy Bernie."

"He's a crazy man, but that's OK, we like crazy people," Trump said.

Watch a clip of the rally above.

State Dept Audit: Hillary Disregarded Cybersecurity Risks by Using Private Email

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