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Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-UT) said it's troubling that Hillary Clinton would not sit down for an interview with State Department inspectors general who were looking into her use of private emails. 

The 78-page audit was released this morning, finding Clinton and her predecessors at fault for their use of private email accounts.

It found that Clinton flouted federal records rules and cybersecurity guidelines with her exclusive use of personal email for government business.

Clinton's failures were singled out as being more serious than previous secretaries of state. 

Chaffetz, chairman of the House Oversight Committee, said on Outnumbered it's "very uncommon" for a government official not to cooperate with an IG investigation, as Clinton did in this case. 

"Past secretaries of state and the current [secretary] all sat down and did interviews. The only one who opted out was Secretary Clinton," he noted, adding that no one at the State Department has been disciplined for the lack of compliance.

He questioned why Clinton would not answer questions when she's repeatedly claimed that she's been fully cooperating. 

"If you're trying to clean up your record, you'd go and sit with the inspector general to do that. And in this case, Secretary Clinton refused to do it," said Chaffetz, adding that Clinton must "come clean."

In a tweet, Clinton campaign spokesman Brian Fallon said that the "IG report makes clear her personal email use was not unique at State Dept."

Watch his thoughts above. 

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