Judge Nap: State Dept Audit's Findings Could Be 'Devastating' for Hillary

State Dept Audit: Hillary Disregarded Cybersecurity Risks

Hillary Clinton's press secretary faced tough questions on Special Report over the State Department's highly critical review of Clinton's email use.

The department concluded that Clinton and some of her predecessors violated government policies on email use and records retention.

Brian Fallon said that the Inspector General's report found that some 90 top-level department officials, including former secretaries of state Condoleezza Rice and Colin Powell and current secretary John Kerry, used personal email for work purposes.

"So, there was a clear precedent set that it was acceptable to use personal email for work purposes. I think that's what the secretary has long been referring to," he said.

Bret Baier said Clinton using personal email was a separate issue from the server that was set up in her house and never approved by the department.

Fallon said it's "sort of immaterial" that Clinton used a personal server from a records-keeping perspective, because Clinton complied with that. He also said the report found no evidence that Clinton's server was ever breached successfully.

"Well, hold on about that," Baier said.

Fallon said there were "attempted intrusions" into the server, but none of them were successful.

"Well, you don't know that. How do you know that?" Baier said.

Fallon said that according to a Department of Justice review, nothing has turned up in security logs suggesting there was a breach.

"So this hacker Guccifer, you don't buy that he got into the server?" Baier asked.

"Actually we don't, and there's no evidence to corroborate that," Fallon said.

The interviewed continued with Baier grilling Fallon over immunity granted to Clinton's IT specialist, Clinton's decision not to face questioning by Inspector General Steve Linick, and claims by Clinton's camp that Linick -- an Obama appointee -- was biased against the former secretary.

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