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After conducting polls in seven swing states, pollster Frank Luntz says that winning the presidential election will come down to which candidate can show they're the most honest and trustworthy.

Luntz's team went to Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Wisconsin, Nevada and New Hampshire.

He said that the "none of the above" voters, who make up 11% of the base, will be crucial in determining the winner.

Luntz described this group as "attribute voters" and he said the attribute that matters the most is "honest and trustworthy."

Megyn Kelly pointed out that, according to polls, neither Donald Trump nor Hillary Clinton are considered trustworthy by voters.

"The candidate that can prove that they are less un-trustworthy is the candidate that's going to win," Luntz said.

He also spoke about what he sees as Trump's advantage going into the race.

Watch the full The Kelly File segment above.

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