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Greg Gutfeld said on The Five that it is "idiotic" for Whole Foods not to pursue legal action against a man who fabricated a story about receiving a cake with a homophobic slur written on it. 

Jordan Brown, a gay pastor, made instant headlines recently when he shared a picture of the cake and alleged that a baker at the Austin, Texas, location had written the slur in icing under the phrase, "Love Wins."

Brown apologized and admitted his lies after Whole Foods proved the claim was false. The company had filed a counter-lawsuit against Brown, but apparently dropped it.

"By dropping their suit, that not only lets these hoaxers off the hook, it encourages more dopes to seek attention in this manner," Gutfeld said.

He said that there must be consequences to "manufacturing victimhood," and that big corporations like Whole Foods should pursue lawsuits on behalf of smaller businesses who could one day end up targets.

"If they iced your cake with destructive lies, then you ice them in the court of law, and lick the spoon afterwards."

Watch the monologue above.

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