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Satirical filmmaker Ami Horowitz went to Portland State University and asked people on campus if they would help raise money for Hamas.

Horowitz said he wanted to see just how far America's liberal students in the Pacific Northwest were willing to take the BDS Movement (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) against Israel.

In the video, Horowitz tells students his group, "American Friends for Hamas," wants to go beyond BDS, hitting soft targets like schools and cafes, and "wipe Israel off the map." Several students make pledges of between $10 and $20 to the fake group.

He said that after an about an hour, he raised hundreds of dollars for the terrorist organization.

Horowitz described the experience on Hannity, saying that the people he spoke to were educated, not ignorant, and yet seemed to embrace the idea of killing Jews.

He said that he clearly spelled out that the donations would go toward the killing of Jews.

"This one guy’s response was, 'I’ve been learning about this in school and I’m happy to help you.' This is the poison that we’ve been teaching our children for the past decade and this is the manifestation of it."

Watch the shocking video at the top, and the breakdown on Hannity below.

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