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A Texas man fishing off the coast of Corpus Christi filmed his frighteningly close encounter with a shark in his kayak.

George Saber told Fox 13 that he was fishing for king fish about a mile-and-a-half off the shoreline on May 15 when he reeled in a three-foot Atlantic sharpnose shark.

He pulled it onto his kayak to remove the hook from its mouth to set it free.

But once he got the distressed shark onboard, it began violently thrashing about, coming within inches of biting him.

Several camera angles on the kayak captured the tense seconds as Saber narrowly avoided the shark.

“As far as fear, I'm surprised I remained as calm as I was, at the rate this shark was coming," Saber said. "And I did my best to do evasive maneuvers to avoid getting bit."

Saber said that the shark ended up jumping back in the water, which gave him a moment to compose himself and try it again.

The second time, he was able to safely remove the fishing line and release the animal back into the water.

Watch the Fox 13 report above and see the full video of the scary encounter, here.

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