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Judge Jeanine Pirro said on "Justice" last night that there's only one presidential candidate who can keep Americans safe, and it's Donald Trump, not Hillary Clinton.

Judge Jeanine pointed out that the world is a much more dangerous place now than it was when President Obama and then-Secretary of State Clinton came to power.

She ran down a list of the presumptive Democratic nominee's many foreign policy missteps, from the destabilizing overthrow of Libyan President Muammar Gaddafi to the Benghazi terror attack.

Judge Jeanine added that Clinton, like President Obama, refuses to even utter the words "Islamic extremists."

She alluded to Clinton's infamous "3 a.m. call" campaign ad to drive her point home.

"This is not a parlor game and not one for the faint of heart. Go back to bed, Hillary. There's someone else who's going to protect us."

Watch Judge Jeanine's powerful opening statement above and read the full transcript below.

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Only one person who can keep Americans safe

Although *it* may have happened in another part of the world, *it* has crystallized a compelling issue confronting us and will ultimately determine who moves into 1600 Pennsylvania avenue in 2017. The ripples from the crash of EgyptAir flight 804 have reached our shores and teed up the question:  who will keep *us* safe.

Take a listen to the contenders:

Now, to be clear, the cause of the flight's demise is yet undetermined.  But both of the contenders have said the probable cause is terrorism. 

Trump tweets at 6:27am -hours after the plane vanished- "looks like yet another terrorist attack." 

More than seven hours later, Hillary says "it does appear that it was an act of terrorism."

I suspect the seven hour difference reflects either Hillary’s need to sleep late or to gauge the political winds. 

Now, economy is the number one issue - terror... Number but I would venture a guess -- even more important than money is safety. So who will keep us safer?

The polls -- almost even weeks ago-- show most trust Donald Trump to do a better job than Hillary on terrorism. 

But each says that we're safer with them.

So where's the truth?

Let's take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

In spite of their protestations, the world *is* a more*dangerous place* since Barack Obama and secretary of state Hillary Clinton came to power.

The so-called Arab spring, sold as a refreshing movement towards democracy, was nothing more than a volcanic eruption leaving a vacuum for barbaric medieval islamists to fill. 

Madam secretary. You cannot deny it was you who lobbied for the overthrow of Libyan president Gaddafi, creating a descent into chaos and a welcome mat to terrorists.

It was you who didn't protect ambassador Chris Stevens instead responding to your "friend's" pleas for more security by reducing his security..  And it was you who left Americans at that consulate when the brits left and the red cross left because everybody knew it was too dangerous.

It was you who lied about a video when u told your own daughter that night that it was an Al Qaeda like attack and you have the audacity to say the parents of those killed are basically  liars when they repeated what you said.

You’re gonna hunt them down?  How long do your hunts take?  Who's been brought to justice in the attack in Benghazi?

And your double speak for the last seven and a half years

When a shooter yells "allahu akbar" and kills Americans at fort hood-- we're supposed to call it workplace violence?

And after Benghazi the word "Islamic" is removed from the term "Islamic extremist" I because we don't want to inflame their anger... As if they don't want to kill us already.

By the way Hillary, why haven’t you taken a clear and concise position on the release of 28 sealed pages in the 911 commission report that discusses Saudi Arabia’s role?  Could it be because the Persian gulf states (notorious for their own human rights violations) and their leaders reportedly donated as much as $100 million dollars to your family's so called charity?  

Question: why would these Arabs give money to the Clintons instead of helping those in their own countries?  After all, Hillary, charity doesn't begin at the Clinton foundation it begins at home.

And you are going to keep us safe? Your own state department's refugee program can’t even vet those coming into our neighborhoods.

What's that?  They're only words?  You have everyone so fearful of being called an islamophobe that ordinary Americans didn’t report suspicious deliveries at the home of the Islamic terrorists who killed 14 in san Bernardino. 

And you’re gonna keep us safe Hillary? Hell, you can’t even keep top secret intel without Russia, china and a Romanian hacker from accessing it. 

How can you keep us safe when you speak a different language from ordinary Americans?  How can you keep us safe when you can’t even say who the enemy is?   It's not violent extremists. It’s not terrorists...  It's Islamic extremists. Its Islamic terrorists. And you can’t even say the words.  Say it!  Say it! You wont

This is not a parlor game and not one for the faint of heart.  Go back to bed, Hillary.  There's someone else who's going to protect us.

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