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Donald Trump called in to "Fox and Friends Weekend" this morning to react to the economics of the presidential race and Bernie Sanders saying the Republican frontrunner is "probably as broke as everybody else."

Trump pointed out that he's self-funded his campaign through the primary process, using about $50 million of his own cash.

He said that he's going to be putting a "tremendous" amount of his own money in the race moving forward.

Whether that amount is comparable to the $1.2 billion the Republican Party spend on Mitt Romney's campaign in 2012 remains to be seen.

"To finance a billion dollars, I'd have to sell a building, I'd have to do something," Trump said. "Will I do that? I could. I have the option of doing it. I also have a lot of a cash and a lot of cash flow."

He noted that he's not just concerned with the economics of his own campaign, he's also helping the GOP raise money for other races with groups like the Republican Governors Association.

Trump added that Sanders' attack seems somewhat odd, because many of the Vermont senator's supporters actually agree with Trump's assessment of "crooked Hillary."

He asserted that many voters who "feel the Bern" would side with him in a Trump vs. Clinton general election.

"I'm not fan of Bernie Sanders, but he's right about one thing: trade agreements," Trump said. "We have the worst trade agreements."

"But I'd make great trade agreements. Bernie can't."

Watch the wide-ranging "Fox and Friends Weekend" interview above.

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