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Sometimes you just have to laugh... 

There's reportedly a new record-holder for views on Facebook Live, and it's simply a woman getting a kick out of her new Chewbacca mask.

Tens of millions have met Candace Payne in the past day. 

The video, which she called, "It's the simple joys in life," features Payne in her car outside a Kohl's following her purchase of the noisy mask. 

She explained that before giving the mask to her son, she would have a little fun with it for her birthday.

Payne laughed uncontrollably because each time the toy's mouth opened, the wookie mask let out Chewy's signature howl. 

"This is worth every penny!" she shouted in between her laughs. 

The video has been watched about 50 million times and counting and was shared more than 1 million times.

"Everyone should have a mask like this and a mirror. Hahahahaha. The most joyful wookie ever!!!!" she wrote in response.

Facebook Live launched last month, allowing anyone with a smartphone to stream video to their friends. 

Payne's video caused Chewbacca to trend on social media...

Even Kohl's couldn't help but capitalize on some unexpected attention...

Watch the viral video above.

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