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Donald Trump revealed on Fox and Friends this morning that Newt Gingrich is "absolutely" on his shortlist for vice president.

Trump called the former House Speaker a "tremendous supporter," but declined to name anyone else on his VP list. 

He was also asked to respond to Hillary Clinton's latest criticism, which was on his proposed temporary Muslim immigration ban. 

She said the idea sends a signal of "disrespect" to Muslim nations that the U.S. needs to work with. 

Trump called her statement one of the "dumber" things he's ever heard. 

"She is so ill-equipped to be the president. If anything, it's just the opposite. They're going to have to learn that we can't take this anymore and they're going to have to turn in the people that are bombing the planes. And they know who the people are. We're not gonna find the people by just continuing to be so nice and so soft. I have many Muslim friends and they agree they have a tremendous problem with radical Islamic terrorism," said Trump.

Gingrich was on The Kelly File last night, slamming Clinton and President Obama for ignoring the facts about Islamic terrorism for the last seven years.

"Neither one of them wants to tell us the truth about Islamic supremacists. And so I'm more sympathetic with Trump, who at least gets the basic principle, which is there are folks out there who want to kill us," he said.

Last weekend, Gingrich said he would be "hard pressed" not to accept if he was offered the VP slot by Trump.

Watch the full interview with Trump above.

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