Trump: 'If Hillary Wins, the Country Will Never Be the Same'

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The National Rifle Association (NRA) is endorsing Donald Trump in the 2016 election.

NRA officials say there is an excitement for Trump among their members that they never saw with past Republican candidates Mitt Romney or John McCain.

Following the announcement at the NRA's national convention in Louisville, Kentucky, the presumptive GOP nominee addressed thousands of NRA members.

Trump said that the endorsement is a "fantastic honor," promising to defend gun rights in the U.S., unlike his probable opponent in the general election.

"Hillary Clinton wants to abolish the Second Amendment," Trump said. "We're not going to allow that to happen."

He echoed Bernie Sanders' sentiments, saying that Clinton is "unqualified" to be commander-in-chief and pointing out that she has stated she wants to reverse pro-gun court rulings.

"The NRA has led the fight time and time again to protect our fundamental freedoms," Trump said to cheers from the crowd.

The billionaire businessman explained that the 2016 race will be vitally important because of the number of Supreme Court justices the next president will likely appoint.

"If [Clinton] gets to appoint her judges, she will, as part of it, abolish the Second Amendment," Trump stated. "Hillary wants to disarm vulnerable Americans in high-crime neighborhoods."

He added that he's considering changing his nickname for her from "crooked Hillary" to "heartless Hillary."

Trump said that Clinton's promise to sign anti-gun executive orders as president reinforces her bad judgment and lack of qualifications.

"The Second Amendment is on the ballot in November. The only way to save our Second Amendment is to vote for a person that you all know named Donald Trump."

Watch Trump's address to the NRA above.

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