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Dr. Ben Carson hit back at Hillary Clinton today over her suggestion that Donald Trump is not qualified and lacks the judgment to be president. 

"The threat that Donald Trump poses is so dramatic ‒ to our country, to our democracy, and to our economy," she told CNN's Chris Cuomo.

Clinton said that some of Trump's positions are "potentially dangerous," calling out Trump's statements on North Korea, NATO and other issues.

Carson said on America's Newsroom that the statements by Clinton are "ridiculous," questioning the judgment she showed as secretary of state. 

"Here is an individual who doesn't have enough judgment to know not to put secret information on a private server and she's talking about somebody else who isn't qualified?" he asked.

Carson said Clinton failed to show the judgment to properly secure the compound in Benghazi before the 2012 attack and then failed to send help for nine hours.

"Is that good judgment?"

Watch the interview above. 

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