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House Democrats booed and chanted "shame" at Republicans who switched their votes to defeat a measure meant to protect LGBT rights.

The vote was on an amendment proposed by Rep. Sean Patrick Maloney (D-NY) to strip language out of a defense spending bill that its proponents said would allow government contractors to cite religious liberty in discriminating against employees who are LGBT.

According to FoxNews.com:

The vote for Maloney's amendment peaked at 217, one short of the majority needed for passage, before it began a slow, sporadic decline. Members of the Republican whip team, whose job is to round up needed votes, were stalking the House chamber's aisles where GOP lawmakers seat, openly pleading for support.

In the end, 29 Republicans joined 183 Democrats backing the measure, but it was not enough. The final vote was 213-212.

Maloney accused Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy of convincing House Republicans to change their votes, claiming that he "went around and twisted everybody else's arms."

"They literally snatched discrimination out of the jaws of equality. We won this vote," he told reporters.

House Speaker Paul Ryan said he didn't have details about the voting, but defended the provision in the defense bill, saying it was "federalism."

"The states should do this. The federal government shouldn't stick its nose in this business."

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