It's National Police Week, a time when the country honors the sacrifices and heroics of our men and women in blue.

Sometimes it's an officer's simple show of kindness that make a big difference in someone's life.

Like taking a moment to connect with a person down on their luck...

Photo of Trooper Eating Meal with Roadside Panhandler Goes Viral


...challenging some neighborhood kids to a bike race...

Police Officer Challenges Kids to a Bike Race


...or a game of hoops...

This Cop's Response to 'Noisy' Kids Went Viral & Brought Out Shaq!


...or shoveling someone's driveway...

Deputies Go the Extra Mile After Man Has Heart Attack While Shoveling Snow


...or letting someone know they're not alone.

'He's Not Alone': Amputee Cops Stand with Boy Who Lost Finger


Of course, the job can also mean life or death, not only for the officer, but the families they're sworn to protect and serve.

9-Month-Old Baby Kidnapped, Rescued by Deputy and Police Officer

And those whose lives have been saved will never stop being grateful.

'Proud to Be a Police Officer': NJ Cop Saves 3 Lives in 10 Days

But it's a job that's also filled with great moments of joy...

Dramatic Police Dash Cam Video Captures Officer's ... Marriage Proposal

...inexplicable wonder...

Officer: Hearing Angel's Voice at Crash Scene 'Changed Everything for Me'

...and lots of love.

'Greatest Man I Know': Police Father and Son Speak Out After Viral Video


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