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A pizza stretching more than 6,079 feet -- or 1.15 miles -- set a new world record for longest pizza ever.

The marathon margherita was built in Naples, Italy, by a team of 250 pizza chefs over 11 hours.

Five motorized wood-burning stoves were required for the effort, as well as 2.2 tons of flour and mozzarella cheese, 3,527 pounds of tomato sauce, 200 liters of olive oil and 66 pounds of fresh basil.

Guinness said that all of the ingredients were sourced locally from the Campania region, known as the "home of pizza."

Slices were donated to onlookers and surplus pizza was donated to the needy, after the record was confirmed.

The new champion pizza beats the previous record-holder by one-sixteenth of a mile.

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