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A Massachusetts State Trooper was recognized for sharing a roadside meal with a woman who was down on her luck -- but he didn't expect to be.

A passerby snapped a photo of the scene without knowing who State Trooper Luke Bonin or the woman were.

It was shared on the Facebook page for Fall River, captioned “And they say chivalry is dead…….Much respect."

The Massachusetts State Troopers identified the Trooper as Bonin and reached out to him.

They wrote on Facebook that Bonin was "a bit surprised that someone had taken his photo, stating that he wasn’t seeking or expecting any publicity for it."

It turned out that he saw the woman as he was driving back from court. He continued to drive straight to a local restaurant and picked up two meals.

When he returned, she was taken aback at first, saying that she knew she wasn't supposed to be there and would leave.

But Bonin told her, "I'm not here to kick you out" and offered her a choice of one of the meals. They ate together and shared a conversation.

The Troopers praised Bonin for doing something "selfless" for someone less fortunate.

"Yes, Trooper Bonin, we know you do not want or expect publicity. We know you didn’t want to be noticed, but you were, and the job is proud of you. ... We have extraordinary troopers on the Massachusetts State Police who conduct themselves honorably, and perform selfless acts, every day. Most times, it goes unnoticed. But not this day."

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