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"Duck Dynasty" patriarch Phil Robertson is on the "Donald Trump train," and he's going to do everything he can to help the presumptive Republican presidential nominee.

Robertson - who endorsed Ted Cruz several months ago - explained on "Fox and Friends" this morning that the GOP has spoken.

"We have to be loyal to the party," Robertson said. "I know [Hillary] Clinton's record, or Bernie Sanders'. I know their records."

He added that despite Trump's lack of a political record, he's willing to take his chances with the billionaire businessman.

"I'll make a valiant attempt behind the scenes ... to sit down with Donald with a Bible in between us," Robertson said, revealing that he could see himself as Trump's "spiritual adviser."

He said he could possibly help Trump with Christian concepts like loving God, your neighbors and even your enemies.

Robertson called for politicians - and America, in general - to turn back to God.

"Why don't we vet our thinking through the word of God, love God and love each other? Why don't we try that for a while? That's my story and I'm sticking to it."

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