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Will violence mar the general election? 

Bill O'Reilly took up that question after a Nevada Democratic Party convention this past weekend, where angry Bernie Sanders' supporters threw chairs, shouted down speakers and harassed the state party chair with death threats.

He said that he believes far too many Americans are hateful about politics, describing the vitriol he sees on both sides as "depressing."

O'Reilly said that on his program, he delivers stinging political critiques every day, but he does so using facts and without invoking hate.

He said that the country is in trouble because compromise is now seen by many as a weakness.

"The truth is that Trump is not evil, nor is Hillary Clinton, nor Bernie Sanders, nor Barack Obama," O'Reilly said. "Misguided? Maybe, depending on your point of view, but not deserving of hatred."

He said that the worst effect of all the hate will be the effect it has on American children.

"That will be terrible."

Watch the Talking Points Memo above.

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