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Fox Business anchor Gerri Willis announced today that she has breast cancer.

Willis wrote in an op-ed for FoxNews.com that with the diagnosis late last month she joined a large and growing number of women with the disease that is the second leading cause of cancer death in women.

"As a breast cancer patient, I have plenty of company," she wrote.

Willis wrote that her recovery chances are high and she is ready to begin the treatment process, and urged women to examine themselves for signs of potential problems.

Greta Van Susteren took a moment on her show to wish her colleague well in the fight, and comment on how cancer affects so many lives.

"I am sure she will get through this, but it is rotten," Greta said. "Cancer treatment, while effective, is lousy, even scary. But you probably know what I mean, because it seems like every family gets slapped with this cancer scourge in some ugly way.

"But the news today is a good reminder to me, and I am sure to everyone else, to remember what really matters in life. It sure is not the stupid little annoying stuff we sometimes fuss about, and I am guilty of that too. It is the big stuff. Each other."

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