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Gen. Joseph Votel, head of U.S. Central Command, said Wednesday that he is worried about the recent string of deadly ISIS bombings in Baghdad.

Votel said he is concerned that if the bombings continue, the Iraqi government will divert resources from the front lines of the fight against ISIS to better fortify their capital.

Retired four star Gen. Jack Keane said on "Happening Now" that ISIS recognizes that there is a political crisis taking place in Iraq, so they are taking advantage of that.

"They want to undermine and fracture that government as best [as] they possibly can," Keane said. "They want to impact the military operations performed by the Iraqi army based on what is happening in that capital city. And that's a change in focus for them."

He said this goes to show just how "flexible and adaptable" ISIS is.

"That's why Gen.Votel has concerns, because of the impact on the Iraqi army's future success in military operations."

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