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An Anchorage, Alaska, police officer's dashboard camera captured the pulse-pounding rescue of a man whose arm was pinned beneath a burning SUV.

The video shows Officer Mitchel Veenstra and several bystanders work together to free the man from the rolled over vehicle, as he cries for help.

They manage to rock the car just enough for the man to free his arm and scramble away from the flames.

At the end of the video, the man thanks the officer and the others for saving his life.

"I thought I was literally going to die," he says.

"I’m glad to be talking to you right now," Veenstra tells the man.

"Me too," he replies.

"Thanks to the heroic acts of nearby citizens and Officer Veenstra, a life was saved on this day," the Anchorage Police Department wrote on Facebook.

Watch the dramatic footage above.

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