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These two giant pandas were just not having it when a cleaner came by to tidy up their enclosure.

Amusing video shared online Sunday shows the cheeky animals causing mischief at their breeding base in Sichuan, China as a hapless staffer tries to sweep away some leaves.

But all the pandas want is to play with her basket!

Footage shows the cleaner wailing and groaning to herself as she tried fruitlessly to pry the basket away from the troublemakers.

We also see the pandas burrowing themselves into the basket one-by-one before falling over into a leafy, face-palm-inducing heap.

At one point, one of the animals even chases her as she picks up the bamboo carrier and scurries away in exasperation.

“Come on!” she moans, picking up the cub and carrying it away.

Watch the hilarious pandemonium, above.

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