Judge Jeanine: 'It's Time for a Female Pres, But Not Lying Hillary'

Lifelong KY Dem Switches Parties for Trump: 'He Can Get Us Better Deals'

Donald Trump took to Twitter this morning to criticize Hillary Clinton for what he described as a misleading new ad and call out Bill Clinton's extramarital affairs.

He questioned how Bill Clinton could be in charge of the economy, calling NAFTA the "worst economic deal in U.S. history." 

And he referenced a recent report about a woman - nicknamed "Energizer" by Secret Service agents - who was alleged to have had a romantic relationship with the former president.

Meantime, a pro-Clinton PAC released a new ad called "Speak," which features Trump's offensive statements about women. 


But Trump pointed out that the last quote used in the ad, in which he is heard saying "you can tell them to go [expletive] themselves," was a misrepresentation. 

He noted that he was actually speaking about companies that move jobs to China and Mexico, not women.