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Here's a story that will make your blood boil.

The National Vietnam Veterans Foundation has been named the "worst" veterans charity in the United States by a watchdog group.

According to its tax filings, the charity received more than $29 million in donations from 2010 to 2014, but only two percent of those millions of dollars were given to actual veterans and veterans' charitable causes.

Charity Navigator, one of the nation's largest and most influential charity watchdog organizations, gave the charity zero out of four stars, CNN reported.

"It's a zero-star organization and you can't go lower than that," Michael Thatcher, Charity Navigator's CEO, said. "They don't have an independent board of directors, they actually don't even have a comprehensive board of directors - only three members on the board at this point in time and some of them are family. So one can say, is this representative of an independent board? It's not."

The tax filings reveal that the charity took in more than $8.6 million in donations in 2014, which went to $133,000 in travel expenses, $16,000 for telephones, $21,000 for unnamed “awards,” $10,000 for parking and $70,000 in categories described as “other” expenses.

Almost all the rest went to professional fundraisers, with just $122,000 going to help Vietnam vets.

Equally troubling? The CEO and founder of the National Vietnam Veterans Foundation is J. Thomas Burch, who works as an attorney for the Department of Veterans Affairs.

A VA spokesman told CNN that Burch's position at the veteran's charity is not a conflict of interest "per se."

But the spokesman also revealed that the agency's Office of Inspector General is reviewing the situation.

Watch the "Fox and Friends" report above, and share your reaction to this outrageous story in the comments.

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