Megyn Kelly to Trump: Do You Regret Anything You've Said in This Campaign?

'Let's Talk About Us': Megyn Kelly Asks Trump About His Attacks on Her

Charles Krauthammer said that today's close Democratic race in Kentucky shows Hillary Clinton's "profound weakness" in America's heartland.

With 99 percent of precincts reporting, Clinton was leading Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders by less than 5,000 votes.

Krauthammer said on America's Election HQ that winning the state breaks Clinton's losing streak and brings her closer to the nomination.

"The question is, what does it say, and it shows her profound weakness," he said.

"We know she's a weak candidate but she is now especially weak in these states--West Virginia, Kentucky, Michigan, the industrial Midwest, essentially--is going to be up for grabs, and that I think points to Trump's strategy.

"That's where he goes, those are the states he wants to flip...and that's where he goes if he's going to make it to the White House, that's how he's going to do it."

Krauthammer also talked about Trump meeting former Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and GOP unity. Watch the analysis above.

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