'Let's Talk About Us': Megyn Kelly Asks Trump About His Attacks on Her

Megyn Kelly to Trump: Do You Regret Anything You've Said in This Campaign?

Former Miss California USA Carrie Prejean Boller spoke out on Hannity tonight about how the New York Times used a passage from her memoir to further their attack on Donald Trump.

Boller said that she was approached by the Times back in March about Trump and told them that they weren't going to get anything negative out of her. 

"They weren't really happy with that," she said. "And so, I basically wouldn't give them a story and now they came out with their own version of it, and took something out of my book and just totally twisted it and made it so negative. And I have nothing but positive things to say about Donald Trump."

She said she came on Hannity's show because she was fed up with the media distorting things for their own agenda.

She said that if Times had actually read Boller's book they would have found she has "nothing but admiration and respect" for Trump.

"He helped me tremendously," she said. Watch the full interview above.

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