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News that nearly five dozen people were not given delegate status at the Nevada Democratic Convention was met by a contentious uproar by Bernie Sanders supporters on Saturday.

“Clinton's supporters outnumbered Sanders’ backers 1,695-to-1,662, an echo of her slim victory in February’s Democratic caucus, 53-47,” reported.

Video filmed by an attendee captured boos and jeers rippling through the crowd, who demanded, “Recount! Recount!”

Officials were seen calling for calm and Hillary Clinton supporters began chanting “take your seat.”

Now, the chaos has party leaders concerned about violence breaking out at future events, with the DNC stating that “our democracy is undermined any time threats, intimidation, physical violence or damage to property are present.”

Sanders promptly fired back, calling the party leaders’ “claim that the Sanders campaign has a ‘penchant for violence’ … nonsense.”

“There was no violence. Nobody got hurt,” Sanders supporter Amer Zahr said on Your World, adding that the movement “is frustrating” the establishment, what he called “an incumbency protection system.”

“I think they don’t know how to handle it. And I think they better figure it out, or else they risk alienating all of us in November.”


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