Don't miss "Megyn Kelly Presents," Tuesday, May 17 at 8:00pm ET on the FOX Broadcast Network.

Megyn Kelly joined Fox and Friends ahead of her interview with Donald Trump, which will air tomorrow night on the FOX Broadcast Network special, "Megyn Kelly Presents."

Kelly reflected on last month's meeting at Trump Tower that led to the interview. In the meeting, she said they did not discuss the show or his previous statements.

"It was just trying to get to a better place. We didn't really talk about anything that had happened. We just talked about the race like candidate and reporter," she said.

The Kelly File host said Trump was gracious and gave her a "nice welcome." 

She also reacted to President Obama's commencement address at Rutgers, where the president took some digs at Trump and Republicans and also encouraged robust debate on campuses. 

Kelly said she agreed with Obama calling out so-called "safe spaces" and what she calls "cupcake nation." 

"That was great. I love that. However, where's President Obama been on Fox News for the last eight years? ... If you really believe it, you should live it," said Kelly, explaining that Obama should welcome a "dialogue" with people who may not see the world the same way he does.

Watch the interview above and see preview clips of the Trump sit-down and an interview with O.J. Simpson's attorney Robert Shapiro.

Don't miss "Megyn Kelly Presents" on the FOX Broadcast Network on Tuesday, May 17 at 8:00pm ET.