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The NRA is battling billionaire Michael Bloomberg and his gun control group Everytown for Gun Safety over a proposed universal background check law for gun purchases in Nevada.

If passed, background checks would apply to private sales, including online and at gun shows.

The NRA says the law is poorly written, costly and would make criminals out of law-abiding citizens.

Judge Andrew Napolitano said on "Mornings With Maria" that this is the latest effort by anti-gun lobbyists to override the Constitution and the Second Amendment by appealing to voters.

Judge Napolitano said that Bloomberg is "fundamentally wrong" and does not understand the fact that where there are more guns there is less crime.

"He is trying to ... import an Upper East Side Manhattan attitude about guns to Nevada," Judge Napolitano said.

He added that the bill will not be effective at keeping guns out of criminals' hands anyway, because background checks simply don't work.

He explained that background checks will only reveal what information the database has about an individual.

"A person could be absolutely mentally deranged. If they've not been adjudicated mentally deranged or never been institutionalized, their derangement is not going to show on the background checks."

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