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FBI Director James Comey has suggested that a "viral video effect" could be to blame for an uptick in homicides and other crimes across the country.

Comey said that some police officers are wary of confronting suspects because they don't want to end up in a video shared across the Internet.

In tonight's monologue on The Five, Greg Gutfeld credited Comey for not "fleeing the truth" while experts in the media search for other explanations.

"Odd that the media says minorities are victims of police, yet more die when the cops back off," Gutfeld observed.

He said that the rise in crime isn't a coincidence, but "the consequence of an experiment."

"The experiment: Hold back; the consequence: Death."

He said that liberals will "bend over backwards to say (criminals) are 'troubled,' but will resist any commonsense answers."

More crimes occur when "perps know the police aren't respected and crime more tolerated," he said.

"As gangs, freshly occupied by immigrants and out-of-work young men, savage cities like Chicago, Long Beach and Las Vegas, you might wonder, where are the police?

Looking out for themselves. Someone has to."

Watch the monologue above.

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