WATCH: Megyn Kelly Talks Trump Interview, Obama's Commencement Address

Trump's Ex-Girlfriend: NY Times Misquoted Me in Anti-Trump 'Hit Piece'

Don't miss "Megyn Kelly Presents," Tuesday, May 17 at 8:00pm ET on the FOX Broadcast Network.

Megyn Kelly and her husband, author Doug Brunt, stopped by Outnumbered ahead of her interview with Donald Trump, which will air tomorrow night on the FOX Broadcast Network special, "Megyn Kelly Presents."

Melissa Francis asked what it was like for Brunt to see his wife attacked publicly by Trump and his supporters during the campaign. 

Brunt recalled that George W. Bush once explained that it was more difficult to watch his father be attacked during his election campaign, than be attacked himself during his presidency. 

Brunt said the attacks on his wife were "frustrating" to watch, but compared her handling of it to Michael Jordan in his prime. 

"The ball comes to him and you just know he's got it. And that's the way it is watching her go out there. She's the most prepared person in the business," he said.

Brunt noted that Trump was able to knock his GOP rivals, like Jeb Bush, Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, "off balance," but never did that to Kelly. 

"These are seasoned politicians with teams of advisers and he broke them down. But not Meg. She stayed on the high road, never engaged and kept her eye on the ball the whole way," he said. 

They both agreed that the ordeal made their relationship stronger.

Kelly teased "some surprising moments" in the interview that will have people talking, but added that she didn't want to delve into any "specific" statements with Trump. 

Watch the discussion above, and don't miss "Megyn Kelly Presents" on the FOX Broadcast Network on Tuesday, May 17 at 8:00pm ET. (Watch another sneak peek, here.)

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