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A veterans charity group in Chicago says the city is trying to push them out to make way for the proposed Obama presidential library and museum.

The RTW Veterans Center is the last privately-owned property near the proposed site for the Barack Obama Presidential Center.

On "Fox and Friends" today, co-founder Daniel “Doc” Habeel and director Jah Ranu Menab said that they believe the Obama Foundation and the University of Chicago are in cahoots to muscle them out.

Habeel explained that city building inspectors unexpectedly arrived last April to find an overwhelming 32 code violations at the facility.

That has led to them being slapped with daily fines of $16,000, which Habeel says appears to be a "land grab."

He acknowledged that there are some violations in the building, but that's because their organization, which helps homeless military veterans, receives no government funding and relies on donations.

"We feed hundreds of people three meals a day," Menab said. "We serve over 4,000 meals every month ... We also provide safe refuge and sanctuary for people in despair in the neighborhood."

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