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Two female executives who worked closely with Donald Trump at separate times spoke out on The Kelly File about their experiences.

Barbara Res worked for Trump for 18 years, between 1978 and 1996. She served as the vice president in charge of construction of Trump Tower, and figured prominently in a recent New York Times article about Trump's history with women.

Res said that when their working relationship began, Trump didn't say anything that seemed sexist, but that changed over the decade.

"Slowly but surely, he started saying more things that surprised me, up to this day," Res said, later adding that he made a comment about women's bodies to an architect in 1991, and also directed at her about her weight gain.

Senada Adzem was a former vice president at Trump International in the mid '00's and the creative force behind marketing his condominium developments, according to her website.

She described Trump as "extraordinarily professional."

"He was very tough but he was fair," Adzem said.

She said that Trump really only cared about results, regardless of his employees' gender.

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