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A "Blue Lives Matter" display at Dartmouth College to pay tribute to law enforcement officers was torn down on Friday and replaced with Black Lives Matter signs.

The school's College Republicans had received permission to put up the display in honor of National Police Week on a bulletin board in the school's student center.

But within hours, the display was torn down and in its place were flyers, which read: “You cannot co-opt the movement against state violence to memorialize its perpetrators. #blacklivesmatter.”

The activists who put the new flyers stood guard over the bulletin board for the whole day, while the College Republicans worked to resolve the situation through the school's administration.

The school eventually intervened, granting Black Lives Matter control over a bulletin board down the hall from the Blue Lives Matter display.

College Republicans wrote a letter to Dartmouth's president and board of Trustees asking for equal treatment.

“All we ask is that the protections and freedoms of self-expression afforded to other student organizations be extended to us," the letter said. "We do not see the Black Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter movements as mutually exclusive.

“It is possible to recognize the service and contributions of law enforcement officers while simultaneously pushing for reform to correct the grave mistakes of the small minority of officers. On National Law Enforcement Appreciation Week, we just hoped to highlight the monumental sacrifices made by these officers to protect us every day.”

The president of the College Republicans, Michelle Knesbach, joined On the Record to explain the full story. She said that the school's administration applied a double standard by letting Black Lives Matter have their own billboard without making them go through the three-week process to get approved.

Watch the interview above and read more about the story here.

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