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These female voters didn’t hold back when asked by pollster Frank Luntz what they really think of Hillary Clinton.

Told to describe their feelings in one word, the focus group participants threw out terms including “corrupt,” “liar,” “deceiver” and “opportunist.”

Voters explained more when Luntz asked what they think of politicians’ attempts to appeal to them as women.

“I’m offended,” responded one woman, who said she was an electrical engineer. “I’m a person; my gender is really irrelevant in judging them or being treated.”

“I don’t feel like I’m oppressed,” another woman chimed in. “Don’t treat me like a victim.”

“I agree. I don’t need Hillary ‘fighting for me.’ I’m fine on my own,” the woman beside her nodded.

And another voter had a message for the presidential candidates: “Don’t pander to women.”

Appearing on Fox and Friends Weekend, Luntz later noted that those surveyed had been just as divided over Donald Trump.

“This is going to be the most negative campaign, that we already have more than 1 out of 5 voters that doesn’t want to cast a vote for either candidate,” he said.

Watch the focus group above and Luntz’s anaylsis, below.

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