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New reports state that Republicans of the "Never Trump" movement have tried to urge Mark Cuban to run against Donald Trump.

Cuban told The Washington Post this weekend that he wasn’t interested in a third-party run, though he believes he could have taken on Trump.

Dr. Ben Carson reacted to the exchange on Fox and Friends Weekend, saying, “There's a level of arrogance there that is almost incomprehensible.”

“We have a system in place that allows the will of the people to be expressed,” he added.

“Now, these people come along and say, ‘The people don't know what they are talking about. Get them out of here. We're the ones who know who the nominee should be.’ And I hope people are taking note of that and who these people are.”

Carson said he believes the people are now realizing “there's a political class,” which “consists of both Democrats and Republicans, and Independents, who believe that they are in control and they should maintain control.”

“Thomas Jefferson said it best,” said the former GOP presidential candidate.

“He said, just before we turned into another form of government because we weren't paying attention, and the government was growing and dominating, that the people would awaken – they would recognize what was going on. They would rise up. I believe that's happening.”

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