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Former Kentucky councilman David Abbott had been a Democrat for all of his adult life. But this election season, he made the switch to the Republican Party and will cast his ballot for Donald Trump.

Abbott explained his reasoning on Fox and Friends Weekend, saying that "the system we have now is not working" and that he's drawn to the GOP's momentum.

"I feel Mr. Trump can come and get us better deals. He is a businessman," Abbott said. "I don't want my children Dave and Erika to grow up in debt all their lives."

Abott said that Trump's proposal to increase tariffs on items imported into the U.S. would help create "fair business," saying, "That's all we're asking."

He said that electing Hillary Clinton "would be like we're bringing what's been in the past."

"I believe my strongest point for Mr. Trump is, he will call out Congress," Abbott said. "You have got to have a Congress that works with you. And Mr. Trump is not afraid, doesn't owe anybody anything. He has done it himself. I feel like he will call these people out. And we have got to work together."

Watch the interview above.

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