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There's something rad in one North Carolina neighborhood. 

A man converted a 1992 Ford Taurus that he bought for $600 into a total remake of the iconic "ECTO-1" from Ghostbusters,​ using little more than his ingenuity and some household items.

27-year-old Justin Parker of Burke County even fashioned a "proton pack" out of a handheld vacuum cleaner and a colander, according to WBTV.

Justin said the ghost-catching wagon has been mistaken for many other vehicles, including an ambulance, police cruiser, and even a Google Street View car.

When asked why he undertook the makeover project, Justin said, "Mostly it's to make people happy, to make people smile."

That's the reaction he got from a DMV tester who administered Justin's driving test when he showed up for his test in the ECTO-1.

"You should have seen the guy’s face...he busted out laughing.”

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