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A fitness fanatic is under fire for her grueling weightlifting practice while her baby is two weeks overdue.

Emily Breeze Ross Watson, a 31-year-old fitness instructor from North Carolina, has stuck with her six-days-a-week CrossFit regimen -- a combination of weightlifting, cardio and gymnastics -- throughout her entire pregnancy.

Videos on her Instagram page of her lifting heavy weights with a protruding belly can seem a little jarring, but she says she has the full support of medical professionals.

"I know with full confidence that my doctor and I are on the same page," she told Daily Mail. "And we're working towards bringing this healthy baby into this world."

She's attributing the flak she's gotten on social media to "some sort of jealousy and hate."

"If you don't know me then why do you feel the need and the pressure to have to react that way?"

Watch the segment on Fox and Friends Weekend above.

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