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One of the topless, spray-painted women who work for tips in Times Square was arrested this week after she shoved a police officer. 

The New York Post was on the scene to record the dispute between the 24-year-old "desnuda," her boyfriend and several NYPD officers. 

The confrontation reportedly began when a passerby made a derogatory remark to Amanda Roman and her boyfriend/handler took offense.

Officers quickly intervened, but the 25-year-old boyfriend refused to cooperate and was handcuffed.

Roman, meantime, taunted the officers: "What are you mad about? You stand out here all day and don't make nothing?" she asked.

A few minutes later, she objected to one of the officers picking up her things off the ground. 

"Excuse me, that's my stuff," she yelled before shoving another officer and continuing to curse at them.

That prompted several officers to bring her to the ground as she continued to resist.

Roman was later photographed smiling as she stood handcuffed next to a police car.

She was charged with resisting arrest and obstructing governmental administration.

The topless women, usually wearing only red-white-and-blue spray paint over their breasts and a thong, have been a point of contention in the city.

Some tourists have argued they're inappropriate for children and Mayor Bill de Blasio has vowed to find a way to oust them from the popular area.

Watch the video below.

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