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Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke weighed in on what's causing a deadly surge of violence affecting American cities and the law enforcement officers who must confront it.

FBI Director James Comey said he believed officers are afraid of being caught on film and ending up in an Internet video -- what he called "the viral video effect." 

Clarke disagreed with Comey's assessment while speaking to Greta Van Susteren at a candlelight vigil on the National Mall to honor fallen officers.

He said that cops aren't afraid to do their job, offering a different theory.

"What they are afraid of -- I got a different effect -- it's called the 'cop-hating United States Department of Justice,' led by a race-obsessed attorney general. The President of the United States has been leading the chorus in slandering and maligning the character and the integrity and the service and the sacrifice of our nation's law enforcement officers.

He continued, "What officers fear is some witch hunt, this ongoing witch hunt by the civil rights division taking over law enforcement agencies all across the nation. I think they're up to 21 now that have consent decrees where they move in and federalize that agency. And then they're looking to snag some law enforcement officer for some minor transgression.

The sheriff said that the DOJ, who officers have traditionally seen as an ally in the pursuit of justice, now "sees the cop as the enemy and the criminal as the victim."

"This whole thing is flipped around, but that's what the fear is."

Watch the interview above.

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